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Why WTDU ?
Save Water
  Why WTDU?  
Easy to install
Tanks designed to replace waffle pods during slab construction - saving on excavation costs.

Modular design allows for variable storage requirements.
Six interconnected tanks hold over 5,000 litres.

The tanks do not take up valuable space and are completely hidden from view.
RainBank automatically switches over to mains supply when tanks are low, even during a power failure.

Safe & secure
Small diameter inspection caps for safety (you can’t fall in) and security (if installed under a locked garage).

Harvesting rainwater helps the environment and saves on water bills - as well as attracting a government rebate.
Environmentally friendly water tanks
that won’t cost the earth

Harvesting rainwater for household use not only helps the environment, but saves on water bills.

WaterTanks DownUnder is a complete water storage and supply system – an efficient, cost-effective and innovative solution to our water problem.
Out of sight, out of mind

Made from food grade polyethylene, the water tanks are installed under the garage or patio slab – out of the way and hidden from view.

Rainwater is collected from the roof, filtered and stored in the tanks. Water is pumped up to supply laundry, toilets and garden taps.

The system automatically switches over to mains supply when the tanks fall below 20% capacity, switching back again when the tank level rises above 25% – ensuring constant water supply.
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